iPhone 12: the first tests of the A14 chip reveal unprecedented power

The next Apple iPhones will undoubtedly be the most powerful ever released by the firm, thanks to one thing: the new A14 chip, which has already undergone some very promising tests.

Apple fans expect the most from new iPhones every year: the processor. The A13 chip present in the iPhone 11 was already performing well above that of the A12 chip, and obviously, according to a brand new report, the A14 chip would be even more impressive.. It was the Twitter user and IceUniverse leaker who was able to share the information: a benchmark for the A14 chip has already been done by Geekbench for the iPad Air 13.2, which will be among the first devices to benefit from the processor. The opportunity to get an idea of ​​the power of the machine …

media - iPhone 12: the first tests of the A14 chip reveal unprecedented power
More powerful smartphones than ever?

The chip should thus have a base frequency of 2.99 GHz and 3.66 GB of RAM, which gives a score of 1583 in single-core, and 4198 in multi-core. In other words, we are on higher scores than the A13 Bionic chip. All these technical terms to finally say one thing: the A14 Bionic processor would offer 40% more power compared to the A12 Bionic chip of previous iPad Air. This gives a good idea that the iPhone 12 should thus allow a much higher power compared to the previous models. Now it remains to discover the tests on the models as soon as they come out. In the meantime, the iPhone 11 remains a very popular model, especially when it is available at a discount as is the case at the moment.

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