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A month after a first keynote in mid-September, Apple will hold a new press conference this Tuesday, October 13 at 7 p.m., during which it should unveil its first 5G iPhone. Since 2012, the American giant had made a habit of presenting its new smartphones around September 10. But the health crisis has disrupted the schedule of group embarking on the 5G battle several weeks behind its competitors.

If the new generation of the mobile network is not yet a decisive argument for the purchase of a smartphone for French consumers, it is a major stake for the Cupertino company, now world number 3 behind Huawei and Samsung. Expected in France by the end of the year, 5G has already launched in Apple's main markets, and all of its rivals are already selling compatible phones there. The iPhone, still central in the group's strategy despite declining sales, cannot afford to miss this turn in the face of very sharp competition.

A few days before the conference, the contours of this new generation of iPhone no longer manages to doubt. Apple should capitalize on the strengths of the previous generation, improve some flagship features and further segment its range by introducing a more affordable iPhone to complete its offering. We take stock of the characteristics expected of future iPhone 12s.

The range: 4 versions, 3 sizes

The sources mention the marketing of four iPhone 12 models this year, including a more compact and affordable iPhone 12 Mini that would be added to the classic iPhone 12 and the two Pro versions in order to further segment the range. with a more accessible entry point capable of competing with Chinese brands and Samsung on the mid-range.

Here is how the future range should be structured:

iPhone 12 with 5.4-inch screen from 649 or 699 dollars.
iPhone 12 Max with 6.1-inch screen from 749 or 799 dollars.
iPhone 12 Pro with 6.1-inch screen at 120 Hz from 999 dollars.
iPhone 12 Pro Max with 6.7-inch screen at 120 Hz from $ 1,099.

Design: a more square case reminiscent of the iPhone 4

Apple is expected to introduce some design changes and offer a frame very inspired by the iPhone 4 and 5, with squarer edges than on previous versions. The borders around the screen should be more contained and the notch, which houses the components of the Face ID facial recognition, should be more refined.

The iPhone 12 is expected to be offered in black, white, red, green and blue colors. For its part, the iPhone 12 Pro would be offered in silver, graphite, gold and blue.

7800896023 visuel de l iphone 12 imagine par everythingapplepro pro - IPhone 12: price, design, new features ... Robot portrait of the future Apple smartphone - RTL.fr
Visual of the iPhone 12 imagined by EverythingApplePro Pro
Credit: EverythingApplePro

Screen: OLED for everyone and 120 Hz for the Pro

All four iPhones should also be entitled to a Oled screen. This technology was reserved for Pro versions until now. But only the Pro versions should be entitled to a refreshed screen at 120 Hz, the big trend of the latest high-end smartphones.

This technology guarantees better visual comfort with faster scrolling and smoother animations of the interface. The Pro versions would go to 120 Hz with the same ProMotion technology as the latest iPad pro. The classic versions would be content with a screen OLED at 60 Hz. Only the iPhone SE would keep an LCD screen in the iPhone lineup in 2020.

Power: a faster and more economical chip

The four models will be compatible with 5G, the first advantages of which will not be decisive for the French public for several years. On the other hand, they will benefit from all the advantages of the new A14 chip, the first engraved in 5nm by Apple which promises to offer exceptional performance in terms of speed and autonomy. We talk about performance gains of 15% compared to the iPhone 11.

What improvements in photos?

Side Photo, the classic versions of the iPhone 12 should retain the dual camera module 12 Mpx wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle of the iPhone 12. The Pro versions should benefit from a triple camera and welcome a Lidar sensor deep, like the last iPad Pro.

In addition to offering better augmented reality experiences, this sensor would improve depth management for the fashion portrait by allowing the camera to better understand its surroundings. It would also be useful for low light shots with faster autofocus and enhanced image stabilization.

The four models should generally offer better rendering thanks to the more efficient image processing of the new processor.

7800896032 l iphone 12 pro pourrait gagner un nouveau capteur pour mieux ge rer la profondeur - IPhone 12: price, design, new features ... Robot portrait of the future Apple smartphone - RTL.fr
The iPhone 12 Pro could gain a new sensor to better manage the depth
Credit: Phone Arena

Price and release date

Presented on Tuesday, the new iPhones should be available for pre-order the Friday following the keynote, the October 16, and arrive in store a week later, the October 23. Prices are expected to be in the same waters as last year with an entry ticket set at between $ 649 and $ 699 and a high peak at $ 1,399.

Here are the expected rates according to the latest reports:

iPhone 12 mini 64 GB ($ 649), 128 GB ($ 699), 256 GB ($ 799).
– iPhone 12 64 GB ($ 749), 128 GB ($ 799), 256 GB ($ 899).
iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB ($ 999), 256 GB ($ 1,099), 512 GB ($ 1,299).
iPhone 12 Pro Max 128 GB ($ 1,099), 256 GB ($ 1,199), 512 GB ($ 1,399).

It will certainly take a hundred euros additional to the conversion in France, because Apple always takes into account local taxes in its French pricing.

To note that iPhones will not be sold with a charger this year. As the company just did for the latest Apple Watch, Apple has reportedly decided to no longer include this accessory in the box to reduce the environmental footprint of its products.

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