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As its presentation draws near, the iPhone 12 continues to be talked about and not necessarily in the right way. Thus, Apple would remove the headphones from the box of the iPhone 12, which would start at just 64 GB of storage … in 2020.

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The days go by and the time fades before the long awaited iPhone 12 launch. But as the days go by and more is learned about Apple's future flagship, some bad news emerges. One of these new rumors confirms the hypothesis that Apple should not provide headphones in the box of its new smartphones, while another indicates that the company should once again deliver its iPhone 12 with only 64 GB of entry-level storage. This latest rumor was brought up by leaker Jon Prosser, on Twitter: “The first shipments of iPhone 12 will land at distributors on October 5th. These shipments include: iPhone 12 mini 5.4 ″ in 64/128/256 and iPhone 12 6.1 ″ in 64/128/256 GB. " However, only the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini would be affected. The leaker goes on to indicate that the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max should, for their part, benefit from 128 GB of basic storage.

On the EarPods side, it has been several months since rumors have circulated about the absence of a power supply unit and headphones in the box. Regarding its charger, Apple began to prepare the spirits during its conference on September 15, by removing the power supply from the Apple Watch Series 6 box under the guise of the environmental cause. Logically, the company should do the same with the iPhone 12 – all models included – but it should also ignore the headphones. This is what tells us MacRumors, which discovered a change in the second beta of iOS 14.2. In the settings, the radiofrequency exposure information no longer evokes the famous "Headphones included" in the box. However, this absence would contravene Article L34-9 of the Post and Communications Code in France, which requires manufacturers to include a hands-free kit in the box of devices emitting radio waves. Such a law is also being introduced in the European Union, which would mean that the box of the iPhone 12 could be different in our regions.


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