Good deals on iPhones are always appreciable, especially when they do not concern older generation models, but the latest versions of iPhones, as is the case here with this promotion offered by Rakuten during the summer sales. 2021. On the sales platform, we can benefit from the iPhone 12 mini at a significantly reduced price with a 23% discount. Released at the end of 2020, Apple’s compact smartphone is usually offered at 809 euros in a 64 GB version. With this reduction offered by Rakuten, it drops sharply to just 620 euros. The most compact iPhone is already physically irresistible, and this promotion could well make you fall for this excellent smartphone, unique by its high-end technical characteristics in such a small size.

Summer sales: an iPhone 12 mini at 620 euros on Rakuten

The iPhone 12 mini is the compact version of the iPhone 12, and when we say that, it’s not a compromise with a less powerful processor, an inferior tech display, or a design that compromises. No, the iPhone 12 mini is actually the smaller iPhone 12: same A14 Bionic processor, same OLED display technology, same camera with 2 wide-angle and 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lenses, and same support of the 5G standard. Compact smartphones are increasingly rare, and all the more so, those with high-end features like the iPhone 12 mini. For users put off by the large size of the other iPhone 12s, it is therefore a very good choice of smartphone, especially at the price of 620 euros currently offered by Rakuten.

Take advantage of the Rakuten promotion on the iPhone 12 Mini

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