IPhone 12 leaks: it will be an ambitious upgrade

After leaks here and there today, it looks like we're headed straight for one of Apple's biggest iPhone phone launches very soon this fall.

This is on the online accounts of YouTuber Filip Koroy and Max Weinbach on Twitter that we learn about the new features of the next iPhone 12 and that we can see images of a model in preproduction or Product Validation Test.

On the top-of-the-range iPhone 12 Pro Max model, the screen goes from 6.5 to 6.7 inches (2788 x 1284 pixels) and the refresh rate will reach 120 Hz. And at the top of the screen, the same and large notch remains for the next series. In addition to this model, other iPhone 12s will feature 6.1 and 5.4 inch screens.

Another detail, the borders around the screen will be thinner than on the current model, so that the bulk will not be too penalizing.

Camera technology with Lidar

Introduced on the iPad Pro this year, we will discover a Lidar sensor capable of measuring objects up to 5 m away, which will of course be paired with the three photo sensors.

This sensor is so advanced that it is being used by NASA for its next mission to Mars, we learn from Forbes. Another use of Lidar is that of augmented reality for a host of utility and entertainment applications.

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High refresh feature on a preproduction iPhone

Charger sold separately

Here, good and bad news. The bad news: The charger would no longer be included with the phone – a way to reduce the purchase price increase a bit. The good: Apple will offer a 20 W charger that is significantly more powerful than the unloved 5 W small block that many people end up replacing with a more efficient model bought in an online store.

According to the same informants, Apple would also offer a more affordable model a little later after the unveiling of the iPhone 12.

According to the 9to5Mac site, Apple has published, on its YouTube account, a test link for an event to be held on Friday, September 10, a date similar to previous iPhone releases. That said, device availability would come later in the fall.

To be continued.

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