The iPhone 12 could be launched in September 2020, for marketing in October. Here is the theory of Wedbush Securities, a company specializing in investment and financial services. According to her, Apple intends to opt for the same strategy used with the iPhone X and XR.

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While we have just learned that the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro would carry 6 GB of RAM, the launch date of the next flagships of the apple brand remains a mystery. Without having a date to circle on the calendar, the research and analysis firms go there each of their theory. The private investment firm WedBush is looking to launch the iPhone 12 in September.

If the presentation took place at the start of the school year, Wedbush nevertheless affirms that it will be necessary wait until October to have all the models in the range. As a reminder, our colleagues from the 9To5Mac site had put forward three hypotheses concerning the launch of the iPhone 12:

  • First proposal: the Keynote is maintained in September, with immediate but limited availability of all models. The Pro version will have much longer delivery times
  • Second proposal: Adopt the same approach as for the iPhone X and XR, either organize the Keynote in September, with one or more models available immediately, and others later
  • Third proposal: Postpone the Keynote in October, so that all models are available immediately and in sufficient quantity

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A plausible theory

In a recent note to its investors, Wedbush clearly favors the second proposition. " The return to normal in the supply chain has been impressive, and now Cook & Co (editor's note: reference to Tim Cook, Apple CEO) can restart the machine in order to start this 5G cycle in mid-September, with the arrival of all smartphones on the market and on the official website in early October. ”

In any case, this theory seems plausible, in the sense that production of the iPhone 12 started in July. The manufacturer said it was on time, but did not rule out that the marketing of certain models would be delayed by a few weeks. The Cupertino firm’s statements are indeed consistent with Wedbush’s hypothesis.

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Source: 9To5Mac