What is a tech-savvy doing during the 2021 summer sales? He’s looking for good deals on a new smartphone. And when these specials are for a recent iPhone that has every interest in lowering the price as much as possible, it’s a bargain. Amazon currently offers several iPhones at a reduced price and these are only models that are still offered for sale by Apple, and therefore enjoy an excellent lifespan. The site allows you to take advantage of discounts of up to 20% on the iPhone 12 and its little brother iPhone 12 mini, on the still respectable iPhone 11, and on the iPhone SE 2020, the most affordable iPhone. These discounts are even greater during the 2021 summer sales, so now is the time to take full advantage!

Buy the iPhone 12 at a reduced price

Buy the iPhone 12 mini at a reduced price

Buy the iPhone 11 at a reduced price

Buy the 2020 iPhone SE at a reduced price

iPhone 12 and 12 Mini: discount on the latest Apple

The iPhone 12 is the latest generation of Apple’s smartphone, and it benefits from an 18% discount for a price that drops to 749 euros in the 64 GB version. Its main novelty is the arrival of 5G which finally allows you to take advantage of the new mobile network with increased performance on an iPhone. It obviously works in 4G if you don’t have 5G on your plan. Still equipped with a 6.1-inch screen, the iPhone 12 switches to OLED like the iPhone 12 Pro, with a gain in contrast and thinner borders around the screen. Its A14 processor is faster than ever, and the photo still holds up very well with two lenses (wide angle and ultra wide angle) at 12 megapixels.

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The iPhone 12 mini is for users who want a smartphone as powerful as the iPhone 12 but in a more compact size. The screen size, which drops to 5.4 inches, and the battery are the only two compromises on the iPhone 12 mini which, in addition to these two points, retains all the characteristics of the iPhone 12. L ‘iPhone 12 mini in 64 GB version is available on Amazon at a price of 649 euros instead of 809 euros usually.

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IPhone 11 is also on sale

The iPhone 11 remains in Apple’s catalog and it’s a great choice if you don’t need 5G and the OLED screen. Indeed, with the reduction offered by Amazon, the iPhone 11 is available at 599 euros in 64 GB version, and for this price you have an iPhone still very powerful with one of the best mobile chips still in 2021, very good in photo and above all with excellent autonomy. Available in several “pop” and summer colors, the iPhone 11 is the best compromise to enter the Apple ecosystem while having all the brand’s technologies such as FaceID facial recognition, or the double camera with large angle and ultra wide angle.

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The 2020 iPhone SE also sees its price drop

If, on the contrary, you come from an iPhone 6S or 7 and you are looking to renew it without disrupting your habits, or if you are looking above all for the most affordable new iPhone possible, there is the iPhone SE 2020. This evolution of the iPhone 8 takes the design of the latter with a 4.7-inch screen and fingerprint readers on the front, but with the components of the iPhone 11 inside, which makes it a very small smartphone. swift. Despite its low price, it does not ignore wireless charging or waterproofing. Usually available at 489 euros, Amazon offers it at 437 euros during the 2021 summer sales.

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