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Expected for the second half of the year, Apple's next line of premium smartphones, the iPhone 12, will likely be available in 5 models. According to information circulating, the performance of these iPhone models will differ depending on the version. However, quite impressive capacities would be expected for each model.

We learn that the next models that will be available for the next iteration of the Apple brand's smartphones will be:iPhone 12, theiPhone 12 Max, theiPhone 12 Pro, theiPhone 12 Pro Max as well asiPhone 12th.

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Among these models, the iPhone 12e is likely to be the only one that is not 5G compatible, it will just work with 4G networks. Apple's initiative that will offer loyal consumers the opportunity to take advantage of its new generation of smartphones in regions where 5G will not yet be available.

Four iPhone 12 models will benefit from 5G

As usual, at first glance, these different models will differ from each other in their dimensions.

Thus, the screen of the iPhone 12 will be 5.45 inches diagonally while the iPhone 12 Max and iPhone Pro will each have a screen of 6.1 inches. As for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it will feature a 6.7-inch screen.

Another notable difference is the capacity of the batteries of the devices. For example, the iPhone 12 and Max's batteries will have a capacity of 2,227 mAh, while that of the iPhone 12 Pro will be 2,815 mAh. The most powerful will obviously be that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, with 3,684 mAh in the belly.

On the performance side, while the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max will have 2 GB of RAM, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will carry 4 GB more.

Finally, on the price side, the sources suggest the iPhone 12 will be launched at a price between $ 699 and $ 749. The iPhone 12 Max will cost between $ 799 and $ 849, the iPhone 12 Pro between $ 1,049 and $ 1,099 and it will cost between $ 1,149 and $ 1,199 for the best-performing model, the iPhone 12 Pro. Max.

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A model that will remain under 4G with the iPhone 12e

As previously stated, the iPhone 12e will likely be 5G incompatible. But that will not detract from the appeal of this model.

Indeed, with a 6.1-inch screen, the iPhone 12e will be equipped with an integrated bionic A14 chip and 4 GB of RAM. Camera wise, the iPhone 12e will have nothing to envy to other iPhone 12 models, with its dual 12 million pixel lens.

It is rumored that this model will launch before the other iPhone 12 models, ie around the first quarter of 2021. Price wise, it should not exceed $ 800. Of course, all this information should be taken with a minimum of distance.

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