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The iPhone 12 are not yet on the market, but the Good Morning America show on ABC was able to take in hand the new smartphones in preview. The opportunity for a first (brief) overview of the design of the smartphone in real conditions and the operation of MagSafe accessories.

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The iPhone 12 have finally been unveiled, but like every year, we are still calm before the storm – just before the first influencers, blogs, and tech journalists get the new devices. In this regard, Apple seems this year more strict than the previous ones. The big names in YouTube, like MKBHD do not even seem to have received the smartphone upstream.

Therefore we have to go look for the first appearance of the smartphone this year on American television. The iPhone 12s (or to be really precise the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro) were indeed briefly picked up during a sequence on ABC's Good Morning America. We thus discover a first glimpse of the devices in flesh and blood, as well as the new bluish colors for this year.

First Look at iPhone 12s on U.S. TV

By the way, the sequence of handling also allows to get a better idea of ​​the MagSafe technology. The speaker shows in particular how a protective case for a bank card attaches to the back of the smartphone. The show also gives the floor to Kaiann Drance, Apple vice president in charge of products and marketing, to better defend the removal of accessories from the box of iPhone 12:

“There is already so much in the smartphone (…) we think that the proposal is at the right price for all this. But, for other reasons I mentioned… people often already have (a charger and headphones) somewhere in their house. Some even have several. Suddenly, it was in something the right way to achieve our environmental objectives ”, explains Kaiann Drance.

The lack of a charger in the box in France (Apple is obliged to include headphones in France) has caused many reactions, including a few mocking memes from competitors. Yet, according to this somewhat failed Xiaomi troll, Apple's environmental discourse really seems to resonate with consumers.

Still, the firm would have been probably better inspired to include a USB type A to Lightning cable rather than a USB type C cable … knowing that Apple USB-C bricks are only available since the iPhone 11 launched the year last.

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