IPhone 12s (from mini to Pro Max) may have abnormal behavior during startup. Their screen remains black, devoid of the display of the Apple logo, or with a logo that blinks inexplicably. However, the sequence ends with the normal loading of iOS.

mg 59e59b04 w2526 w828 w1300 - iPhone 12: black screen or blinking Apple logo on startup - iGeneration

This is a situation that we find described in several discussions here, there or at home. This is a bug and not a hardware malfunction, explains an internal note from Apple distributed to its technicians.

It indicates that no repair is necessary, that this behavior does not appear until then, and that it is not a symptom of any other problem. Apple is working to fix it, that’s what the customer needs to know. The resolution of this bug in any case is not in the list communicated for iOS 14.5.