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The wait is soon over. Apple will officially introduce its iPhone 12 on Tuesday, October 13 at 7 p.m. The opportunity to see if all the rumors released so far have turned out to be correct …

October 13, a date that had already been echoed for a few weeks, but it is now confirmed. Apple will officially present the iPhone 12, the brand's new smartphones, next Tuesday. A new range of mobiles which is not likely to arrive alone since the firm could take the opportunity to introduce a new version of HomePod, but also present its headphones.

"Hello speed": welcome to 5G?

After the September keynote, Apple's second back-to-school conference is called "Hi, Speed. "or "Hello, Speed." with a capital V. A way for the Californian firm to highlight the speed of its iPhone 12, both thanks to their supposed 5G connectivity and to the performance linked to the A14 chip. Regardless, there is no doubt that Tim Cook and his teams are going to press these points heavily during the presentation.

As a reminder, we are entitled to expect 4 new iPhones this year. They should all be 5G but also have an Oled panel, which is not the case on all models currently. Three display sizes would be on the program: 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches. The smallest of the four would adopt the name iPhone Mini while for the others, the current nomenclature would be used. On the design, Apple seems to have opted for a kind of standardization with what can be done on its tablets. Indeed, the iPhone 12 should abandon the rounded edges that appeared with the iPhone 6 for something more flat and angular. Exactly like the iPad Pro and the newer iPad Air, but also like the iPhone models ranging from iPhone 4 to iPhone SE. Finally, if almost all Android manufacturers succumb to the refresh rate at 90 or 120 Hz, it seems that Apple is ignoring this development this year.

Apple could also take advantage of its keynote to present a successor to HomePod, its connected speaker. A smaller and therefore more affordable version would be expected. There are also rumors of a headset that could be called AirPod Studio. This second keynote at the end of the year would also see the arrival of AirTags, the little trackers that we have been waiting for for a few months already.

To know everything about the iPhone 12 and the rest, you will have to follow Apple's keynote at 7 p.m., Tuesday, October 13. From our side, we will be present with recap articles and an analysis of the announcements made by Tim Cook and his team!

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