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According to new reports from Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple would seek to limit the production costs induced by the arrival of 5G on its iPhone 12 by integrating batteries with a simpler design … and less qualitative.

- iPhone 12: Apple would offset the costs of 5G with more fragile batteries - frandroid

IPhone 12 Pro design leak // Source: EverythingApplePro

Reducing the production costs of the iPhone 12 to be able to accommodate 5G modules (more expensive), without having to increase the final purchase price too much … or be forced to cut down its usual margins, that seems to be the objective of Apple. According to the latest information unearthed by Ming-Chi Kuo, the Cupertino giant is stepping up pressure on its subcontractors to reduce costs wherever possible. The main cost reductions would however be to be found in the batteries of future iPhone 12s.

By simplifying their design, Apple would be able to produce batteries 40 to 50% cheaper. These modifications in terms of design would in fact relate mainly to the quality of these new batteries, without necessarily impacting their capacity… and therefore their autonomy.

Towards new iPhones with disappointing batteries?

Still, this is not necessarily good news for consumers, who could be faced with iPhones with more fragile batteries (which will have to be replaced faster), or simply slower to recharge. Apple could nevertheless concoct new software with iOS 14 to compensate for the lower quality of these batteries in terms of hardware. The idea would be, for example, to once again improve the management of recharging cycles or to better understand user habits in order to adapt energy consumption thanks to AI.

In any case, Apple will have to think about solutions to offset this probable loss of quality. And for good reason, the trend would be further accentuated next year to once again reduce the cost of batteries by 30 to 40%, this time for a possible iPhone 12S, expected in the fall of 2021. These dark cuts would occur while the Addition of 5G "Sub 6 GHz" modems (operating below 6 GHz) would cost Apple between $ 75 and $ 85 more per iPhone, while modems capable of taking advantage of the famous millimeter waves would involve an additional expenditure of $ 125. at $ 135 more than the 4G modems of the current iPhone 11.

We also learn that beyond the iPhone, Apple is also planning to reduce costs on the issue of batteries for its future AirPods. The latter could also cost Apple 25-35 dollars less, but at the cost of a different design for the AirPods 3. Expected next year, the latter would bet on an internal design closer to that of the AirPods Pro, with a SiP (system-in-package) and non-SMT (surface-mount technology) design.

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