Is your iPhone 12 durable, able to survive the worst trials of everyday life? According to Apple, the answer is yes, and the company wants to prove it in its new ad.

The iPhone 12 has been available for less than a year, a real worldwide hit. It must be said that its Pro Max version is the most popular of the 5G smartphones and that Apple masters its formula. And when we invest several hundred dollars in an iPhone 12, we hope that it lasts us a good time. And it is precisely the promise made by the Cupertino company which insists on its durability in a new advertisement visible below. Something to forget the past setbacks: everyone will remember the iPhone 6 range totally constrained by the iOS 10 update, a real disaster for consumers.

This ad features a clumsy cook who tries to make a dish by reading the steps on his iPhone 12. But the unfortunate, clumsy, spills the sauce on his smartphone, some flour, bangs it etc. To top it off, the man drops his iPhone 12 in the sink before cleaning it. A message then appears on the screen, praising the high-end IP68 certification: ” More durable than ever. Relax, it’s an iPhone “. It remains to be seen whether in fact the iPhone, which could (finally) be entitled to a solid autonomy, is able to withstand such treatment!