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The iPhone 12 may well arrive three months late. In any case, this is explained by an Apple supplier, without citing the Cupertino company, but the link is quickly made!

Faced with the health crisis, a question is on all the lips of Apple fans: when will the iPhone 12 be released, which recently had the right to a video taken in hand? A question that Reuters, an extremely solid source, tries to answer thanks to one of its sources. As the media explains, Apple chip provider Broadcom announces late 2020 deliveries, or three months more than in previous years, pandemic obliges. The company works mainly on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth components of iPhone, and if the latter did not quote the Cupertino company when announcing the delay, it is rather easy to make the connection.

media - iPhone 12: A new clue on its potential delay of ... three months? - melty
iPhone 11 (illustrative image) – Credit (s): Apple

It therefore seems that the successor to the iPhone 11 is well overdue this year, while no conference has yet been announced. Usually, the new iPhone presentation date is every year, in September. This delay is not surprising, given the current health crisis, but many hoped that the Cupertino company could get away with it, the iPhone SE 2020, currently in reduction, having arrived on time. Not to mention that Broadcom announced that a major product of a "huge North American smartphone customer"would be launched later than usual: once again it's easy to think of the iPhone 12.

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