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According to a leaked promotional email, at least one of the 5G compatible iPhone 12 models will hit the market in late October. The email even mentions the date of October 20 although it is likely at this point that this is a "default" text pending a more precise date.

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You probably know Evan Blass, the famous leaker around everything related to Apple products – and whose predictions are most often correct. The tech insider resumes on his Twitter account the capture of a draft promotional email about the iPhone 12 with numerous mentions and blurred images. We will not even know from which operator this communication comes, even if we can already say that this operator is based in an English speaking country.

iPhone 12: the marketing would take place with a few weeks delay

It should be noted that this is obviously a draft, which is betrayed by some missing mentions and photos. A draft such as a partner operator can prepare before receiving more precise official information and visuals – to do some work upstream. So don't take everything at face value. We can nevertheless identify some clues the purpose of this communication. First of all, the general topic of email is the 5G capabilities of the iPhone 12 and its availability at the end of October. The email mentions pre-orders on October 20, which falls on a Tuesday when the firm tends to launch pre-orders at the end of the week of its keynote.

However, according to Phone Arena, this could still mean that this mysterious operator expects an effective marketing the same week. So pre-orders would start on October 16. If Apple sticks to its usual launches, the smartphone would hit the market a week later, on Friday October 23. We note that we now know that Apple will hold its keynote presentation on September 15. This is consistent with the information we have, including the fact that Apple admitted that this year, the launch of its products could be delayed by a few weeks.

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It will be noted, moreover, that this is not the first time that this chronology has been mentioned. The other knowledgeable leaker, Jon Prosser, estimated in August that shipments would begin on October 19, 2020.

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