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The iPhone 11 Pro is one of the latest Apple smartphones: how does it compare with the first iPhone 2G released in 2007? The star youtubeur MKBHD posted a video to better show the path traveled by Apple, iteration after iteration.

iphone 11 pro iphone 2g - iPhone 11 Pro: this youtubeur compares it to the first iPhone released in 2007 - Phonandroid

The first iPhone was launched 12 years ago: Apple could then talk about revolution because this smartphone was the first of its kind permanently connected to the Internet, relied almost on a touch screen, with a small number of buttons, all under one. Intuitive user interface, with applications and an application store. Add him a camera and we understand how he laid the foundations of what will be his successors, all brands.

12 years later, Apple launches the iPhone 11 Pro: the star youtubeur MKBHD has decided to put online a comparative video in which he compares the two devices separated by 12 years of innovation and incremental iterations. When compared with the gigantic iPhone 11 Pro and its 5.8 "screen, the iPhone 2G is almost a toy figure as it seems today small. In 12 years, the builders have been constantly trying to pull the size of the screens up.

Technological progress is impressive

MKBHD immediately notices that it is possible to reach the four corners of the screen effortlessly on this format. We had almost forgotten him. He also details his spec sheet – when it was released, it was not put forward by Apple:

  • 3.5 "LCD screen
  • Samsung 620 MHz CPU underclocked at 412 MHz
  • 4/8/16 GB of storage
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 1400 mAh battery
  • 2 MPx main photo sensor

The camera app was all that was simpler: a preview and a trigger. No fashion portrait, video, or even selfie. Besides, no iPhone had selfie sensor up to the iPhone 4. Today, the new iPhone offers among others:

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It's pretty impressive to see that the iPhone 2G was Apple's best thing in 2007 and compare it to what Apple does today, but dozens of smartphone builders in a mature market. The future is still likely full of good surprises, with the arrival of the 5G or foldable screens.

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