In recent days, readers have complained that they only receive notifications on their iPhone sporadically..

Notifications arrive with a delay or do not arrive at all when the app is supposed to have issued more than one. A priori this would only affect non-Apple apps:

Notifications like those from BFM or Gmail for example take a long time to arrive and never arrive. However, by uninstalling one of the applications concerned, barely after having pressed “delete the app” all the notifications of the applications arrive in a single block …

I’m having trouble on my iPhone X with the latest iOS 14.4.2 version, I’m only getting notifications from Apple and no longer notifications from other apps.

A subject in our forums is open which brings up the appearance of the problem with the release of iOS 14.4.2 (we find at Apple a handful of similar cases in their forum). One way to see if there might be a problem is to go to Screen Time.

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Week to week

One of these readers noted a 33% drop in notifications received from one week to the next. In his case, general news apps, where the flow of information is constant, the volume of notifications has been almost halved.