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"Apple's biggest priority is to fix it Nick Heer, a designer and developer, said on his blog yesterday. Since the update to iOS 13.2, many people identified that they noticed that their iPhone closed much more often applications multitasking.

By selecting the camera or Spotify, these individuals saw their email application, email or Safari web page close, and lose their entire progress, from the moment it was relayed back plan the time of a few seconds. A point on which these different individuals are questioning: is it simply a bug on the part of the update, or does Apple really need to close its tasks in the background to free up space in its memory? live?

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A storage problem in multitasking on iPhone?

The information came to us from the site MacRumors who published an article listing numerous comments from users who have paid the price for this mismanagement of multitasking.

To the surprise, the problem would also be present on the latest smartphones of the brand, but also on the iPad Pro. The main application that closes the progress of the tasks in the background is the camera.

It must be said that the photo application has grown. It now offers energy-intensive storage capacity, and iOS 13.2 may have been designed in part to support its arrival, and allow it to evolve without problems. To the chagrin of other applications.

Mismanagement of RAM that causes problems

Hard to know today if it's really a bug, or if the difficult management of RAM devices would have forced Apple to publish this update. In any case, it is obviously not without problems, and the mark with the apple will have to propose a correction. In a tweet, the web developer specializing on iOS Marco Arment, was part of his observation of the phenomenon. According to him, this mismanagement of the RAM would have existed for some time, but would never have been so important according to the American also podcaster.

As with their offer of storage memory, Apple's iPhone has long been offering much less memory space than what can be found in the competition using the Android OS. All new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro offers only 4 GB of RAM, while we regularly see smartphones on the market land with 12 or 16 GB of RAM.

Since that day, Apple still remained among the benchmarks in terms of fluidity and speed of launching its applications, especially since the components of smartphones are all developed in the same ecosystem.

But since then, apps have grown in size, and Apple seems to have fallen behind. Its gap between hardware and software will have to be quickly remedied, if the Cupertino company does not want to lose one of its main qualities that has forged its image.

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