A young Toulouse-based company markets a smartphone operating system (OS) that respects the privacy of its users. Based on Android, it prevents cookies from tech giants, including Google, from collecting personal data. In addition to enhanced security, this reduces energy consumption related to applications.

Data collections and their recipients (advertisers, spammers, telemetry, malware, etc.) are usually invisible. The interface developed by iodé allows you to view trackers and block them. The solution is pre-installed on the smartphone and automatically updated. It protects both the OS and the installed applications.

Since installing an alternative operating system on an existing smartphone is not always an easy task, the start-up offers smartphones under warranty and pre-configured with iodeOS. These are reconditioned in France by an approved Breton partner, Cordon Electronics. In a new version, iodé also offers the FairPhone 3, a European ecological smartphone.

Interviewed by our colleague from GreenIT, the iodé team indicates “Explore the possibility of providing new features on your smartphone, in partnership with a VPN or Cloud service provider”.