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The mood at Scuderia Ferrari is deteriorating more and more with tensions and differences of opinion between Mattia Binotto and Simone Resta.

Internal disputes at Ferrari F1ACTU - Internal disputes at Ferrari? - F1ACTU

Ferrari's 2020 year draws to a close in an inevitably difficult climate. Maranello's side have been weakened in recent months by a never-ending series of problems, controversies and difficulties. First of all, the 2019 FIA engine survey affects the work of the team this season. The SF1000 becomes a single-seater closer to the bottom of the ranking than the top.

The first internal rift was the announcement of Sebastian Vettel's farewell followed by a controversy – more or less veiled – between him and team manager Mattia Binotto.

Currently, Ferrari is sixth in the constructors' championship, closely behind AlphaTauri. Mercedes and Red Bull are logically ahead, but there is also Racing Point, McLaren and Renault. To all this, we must add the postponement to 2022 of the new technical regulations, on which Ferrari relies a lot to return to the top, as Mattia Binotto often reminds us.

It is obvious that this situation does not facilitate the work under the badge of the Prancing Horse. The problem, according to various rumors, is that even within the management structure of the team, tensions and confrontations abound.

According to Autosprint columnist Alberto Sabbatini’s Pit Talk podcast, there is indeed some friction between team leader Mattia Binotto and chassis area manager Simone Resta. The engineer left Ferrari in July 2018 and joined Alfa Romeo, but returned to Maranello at the end of 2019.

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"They say there is friction between Binotto and Resta" – explains Sabbatini. “We saw these cracks appear in the squad many years ago. The difference is that back then it was when everything was going well. "

It should be remembered that many attribute Mattia Binotto's rise in the role of team leader, which occurred on the eve of the 2019 championship, to a conflict with the number 1 at the time, Maurizio Arrivabene, who then went on to left the Scuderia.

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