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Ettore Buggati’s watch will be auctioned on April 17 at Château de Lasserre in Montastruc-la-Conseillère. The object is unique in the world.

The auctions held at Château de Lasserre in Montastruc-la-Conseillère often take on an original character. Sometimes even unique. The next one will undoubtedly remain engraved in the great book of its history. On April 17, Stanislas Machoir will offer for sale the personal watch of the famous luxury sports car manufacturer Ettore Bugatti. This watch, unique in the world, was produced by the Mido company for him in 1930 at its peak in racing. It is in the shape of a gold grille with a gold bracelet.

“Our experts JC Guyon and A. Léger brought together this watch and the Bugatti Royale, the“ Mona Lisa ”of the Automobile, at the Cité de l’Automobile. It is estimated at € 100,000 / 150,000. Bugattis are numerous, having the “boss’s watch” will be a unique privilege in the world, ”commented the auctioneer.

Four wheels also for sale!

A selection of twenty lots was gathered around this exceptional watch, marvelous cars and automobiles coming from the north of the Tarn. “A selection of Bugatti, Porsche, Ferrari and Mercedes owned by collectors who have crisscrossed the hills and vineyards of the Albigensian region will also be on sale. Coming from Tuscany, the prototype 1 of the Cizeta, initiative of the famous musician, author- Italian composer, producer and disc jockey Georgio Moroder The cars are associated with watches like this unique piece made for Mercedes 300 SL “, explains Stanislas MachoÏr. Around these watches and Ettore Bugatti’s famous Mido, two days of expertise are organized on site or by appointment with experts in watchmaking and jewelry.

Henri Salvador’s car, Françoise Sagan’s car, the manuscript evoking the unification of the left and the SFIO at the Toulouse Congress in 1908 written by Jean Jaurès … are all original sales already written in the annals of the castle of Lasserre. The next one should also attract its share of wealthy enthusiasts. It will be performed live at the castle but due to sanitary conditions the gauge is set at twenty-five people. Much of the auction will be done over the phone.

Registration in advance on 05 61 48 53 92.