Infiniti will include a gas generator in some electric cars – Numerama

Infiniti has made plans for electrification. There will be 100% electric models and others with a heat engine that will serve as a generator.

In recent months, Infiniti has unveiled several electrical concepts – including a very nice SUV. Today, the premium branch of Nissan seems to be ready to pass the second. In a statement issued on November 4, she outlined plans for electrification. The transition will be organized around two powertrains. Which one working with … gasoline.

Thus, Infiniti makes the choice to keep a heat engine, which will serve as a generator to continuously supply a battery connected to electric blocks. All with an AWD since there will be one engine on each axle.

Infiniti will include a gas generator in some electric cars - Infiniti will include a gas generator in some electric cars - Numerama
Infiniti QX Inspiration Steering Wheel // Source: Infiniti

Infiniti holds to the thermal

" Some users will be thrilled to experience the thrill of an electric vehicle, its silence, its instant torque, but without worrying about battery life or charging time. And this is the solution we have chosen "Says Eric Rigaux, in charge of product strategy, in the columns of Electrek. If the powertrain will be different (100% electric or petrol + electric), on the other hand, the development platform will be common to the vehicles. And the engineers intend to take the opportunity to rethink the design and review the space on board.

Technology hybrid Infiniti can remind the BMW i3 Rex, electric car with a small engine engine designed to extend the autonomy (model abandoned today). Except that we will not be able to charge Infiniti vehicles on a terminal or a wall outlet. To refuel the 1.5L 3-cylinder VC-Turbo engine, it will be necessary to go through a fuel pump. Moreover, unlike the i3, it will be connected to a battery of very, very low capacity (less than 5 kWh). At first sight, 100% electric driving, if it is possible, will not be eternal.

In short, Infiniti makes the choice of electrification by the essence, a positioning that will be open to debate in the face of 100% electricity. Especially since there is a real risk of cannibalization of sales: some will be more inclined to opt for the version hybrid the uncertainties of autonomy and recharge. Difficult to see the future.

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