Infiniti: the next 30 years through more design and electrification – EcoloAuto

Infiniti the next 30 years through more design and electrification - Infiniti: the next 30 years through more design and electrification - EcoloAuto

Infiniti QX Inspiration | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

The next three years will redefine Infiniti's image and, judging by what we've seen, it's promising

If you did not know it, the Infiniti logo represents the road, the infinite road ahead and Infiniti's desire to be with you. I firmly believed in them when they released the M30, the G35 and the FX: they were unpublished, category-leading or birth-giving vehicles that cemented Infiniti's position as a luxury car manufacturer. ultra competitive. As the years went by, the spark subsided, leading me to wonder if Infiniti had abandoned the race. I do not ask myself the question anymore.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures of the QX55 or the screen displaying images of these future products.

Infiniti QX55

Of the five products en route, the first will be the Infiniti QX55. In simple terms, the QX55 represents for the QX50 what the BMW X4 is for the X3, or the Mercedes-Benz GLC coupe for the GLC. It's Infiniti jumping on the trendy "coupe" SUV. We had the chance to see a test mullet wrapped up and, certainly, it looks promising.

The QX55 is largely based on the QX50, but with a front fascia, hood and other unique exterior trim. The rear is also very different with a roofline sloping backwards connected to the tailgate strongly inclined. The QX50, already a very attractive small luxury CUV (D segment) and the QX55 will be aimed at SUV buyers looking for style, but not maximum utility. It will arrive next summer, presumably powered by the QX50's 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharger.

Infiniti QX60

Shortly after the launch of the QX55, the new, much more convincing QX60 will make its appearance. From the short video presentation, we could see that it was radically redesigned, more vertical, and "SUV" than ever before. There will be a combination of two-tone roof colors and the wheels will be larger.

The cabin will also be completely redone. The images painted a decidedly high-end environment that will undoubtedly enhance the reputation and appeal of the QX60. No word on the powertrain yet.

1572896834 483 Infiniti the next 30 years through more design and electrification - Infiniti: the next 30 years through more design and electrification - EcoloAuto

Infiniti QS Inspiration | Photo: Matt St-Pierre


The next three vehicles will officially launch Infiniti into the world of electrification. Over the past two years, Infiniti's has revealed a series of Q Inspiration concepts. All three, Q Inspiration, Qs Inspiration and QX Inspiration will find their way to the assembly line.

The Q Inspiration will be a new flagship all-electric sedan (more or less the replacement of the Q70) and will compete at the highest level with other big luxury cars. The only detail we know, apart from its extraordinary appearance, is that it will include two electric motors.

Next are Qs Inspiration and QX Inspiration. Infiniti has not been able to determine which one should hit the road first, as they are both developed simultaneously. They use the platform of the recently unveiled Nissan Ariya Concept as a starting point. This is where things get interesting because there will be two propulsion options.

Although the styling of the two vehicles is unique, the Qs being a sedan and the QX, an SUV, they will share this platform and powertrains including a configuration with two electric motors, one per axle. Depending on the vehicle, versions and configuration, the electric motors will provide a total power of 248 to 429 horsepower. The more powerful versions of these powertrains will launch the vehicle from 0 to 100 km / h in about 4.5 seconds.

An alternative will be a fully electric and rechargeable version, as we know it today. Few details were shared, apart from the desire to provide a range of about 300 miles (480 km), but nothing about the size of the battery or the on-board charging capabilities, etc.

The other alternative is a very different concept, but not totally foreign. Infiniti does not want to call it Hybrid 2.0, but if you keep this concept in mind, it might be useful for you to understand better.

Hybrid 2.0, but do not mention it …

As we know, a gasoline hybrid vehicle is driven by an internal combustion engine (ICM), assisted by an electric motor-generator. All you need is gas in the tank and everything is good. The hybrid version of Infiniti, based on Nissan ePower technology, will put electric motors first and they will be powered by electricity produced by an MCI on board. No, it's not like the Chevrolet Volt that was an EV with a range extender. In addition, there will be no way to connect the vehicle to recharge, hence the reason I hear that it is a hybrid 2.0.

Infiniti refers to it as an "electric vehicle generated by gasoline" that, in a way, gives a bad impression. In practice however, it will make sense. Fuel economy data was not disclosed for the "MR15DDT" engine. This 1.5L 3-cylinder VC-Turbo gasoline engine continuously recharges the high-capacity, low-capacity battery pack from 3.5 to 5.1 kWh. We assume that, like a hybrid vehicle, full electric vehicle driving will be possible at low throttle pressure, such as low-speed city driving or coasting, and that braking by recovery will be part of the package. In all other cases, the 3-cylinder will be running. In all, the range should reach 500 miles or 800 km. We all know that 3-cylinder engines may not be refined. Infiniti assures us that the 1.5 liter is not only extremely refined, but will be fully encapsulated in the engine compartment to reduce audible noise and engine vibration. The Infiniti version of the Nissan ePower will quickly be accepted as a valid option among all other luxury hybrid cars. Using these technologies, Infiniti boasts an unmatched competitive advantage. Although enthusiasm is contagious, all competitors are quickly preparing for electrification. We do not yet see how Infiniti will get a serious advantage over others unless they manage to put the vehicles on the road ahead of the competition. However, the upcoming production vehicles Qs Inspiration and QX Inspiration make me think of the Q45 and FX with their striking beauty and innovative design.

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