Infiniti teases the QX60 Monograph Concept

The Infiniti QX60 has been around for nearly a decade (since the JX days), and it will finally give way to its successor on September 24.

Indeed, the launch of the upcoming QX60 Monograph Concept will take place online on the automaker's official website, on the aforementioned date at 8:00 p.m. EDT / 7:00 p.m. CDT – which is actually September 25 if you're in Japan.

"The QX60 Monograph Concept is a vision of a brand new three-row SUV showing off the new one showing the design philosophy of the future QX60," the Japanese automaker said in a statement.

Recall that the last update of the QX60 dates back to 2015, when it underwent a change to the front panel, which at the time received LED daytime running lights. The rear lights, meanwhile, have been redesigned, as well as comfort has been improved. The next iteration, however, will need to do much better than that in order to successfully compete in today's midsize premium SUV segment.

As for what the Monograph prototype will look like, the teaser image isn't particularly revealing – aside from the headlight graphics, which are slightly different from what the automaker currently uses on its production models.

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