In the middle of a trade war with the United States, Huawei signs a partnership with Russia – Clubic

raw?width=1200&fit=max&hash=f7b24f41ca17bda876e60fc08fc2b2f8c895a707 - In the middle of a trade war with the United States, Huawei signs a partnership with Russia - Clubic

The Chinese manufacturer will realize in the country of large investments, both to help the deployment of the 5G network, but also to open several research centers.

If the United States has banned Huawei from their territory, the Chinese manufacturer seems to have found refuge in Russia. The company is today one of the undisputed leaders of the smartphone in the country, with a market share estimated at 37%. The Honor division is the source of this domination thanks to both high-performance and low-price aircraft, which can not be met by historical builders. Samsung has paid the price by being dethroned by Honor in the third quarter of 2018.

Reasonable partnership between Russia and Huawei, both pointed out by Donald Trump

Russia was also in the sights of Donald Trump, the two entities had every interest in associating. Huawei is actively involved in the deployment of the 5G network in the country and will train 10,000 Russian specialists by 2025. The investment is estimated at about $ 7.8 million and the first tests are already taking place in Moscow since September. latest.

But these efforts are only the first in a long series. Huawei wants to expand its presence in Russia by opening three research and development centers before the end of this year. Russia will be its third largest global territory dedicated to innovation, China aside.

The Chinese manufacturer will also strengthen its links with the main Russian technological universities and release the checkbook to finance their research projects. Huawei is counting on the ever-growing appeal of young Russian students for IT and programming to strengthen its leading position in innovation.

An association that seeks to reverse the balance of power between the United States and Russia

Such an investment would allow Russia to position itself, in the future, among the world's leading technological powers, while increasing its revenues.

And the government is not bothered by China's recent spying charges against Huawei. " Moscow considers Huawei a law-abiding company that does not engage in international espionage as allegations have not been proven Says Eldar Murtazin, editor-in-chief of Mobile Review.

" A common joke in the Russian IT community is, "If you use Apple, Washington listens to your calls, if you use Honor, Beijing is listening." Which one do you prefer ? Adds Vladimir Rubanov, Executive Director of the Russian computer company Rosplatforma.

The United States is now the target of Huawei and Russia, who seek to pool their means to compete with the North American country or even surpass it technologically.

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