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2020 Jaguar F-Type P300

The four-cylinder version is recognizable by its unique central exhaust outlet. She offers surprisingly sporty behavior.


2020 Jaguar F-Type R, dynamic front

Despite its generous power, the F-Type R is not a radical sports car. It thus retains the most honorable comfort.

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type R, 3/4 dynamic front

The F-Type R is perhaps not the most radical of sports. But the pleasure of driving is there.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, dynamic profile

Good news: this F-Type R is much more stable at high speed than the SVR from which it takes over the mechanics.

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type R, 3/4 dynamic rear

Despite its weight, the F-Type R is rather agile in the winding.

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type R, dynamic rear

Rolling noises are still quite present.

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type R, headlights

The frowning look radically changes the physiognomy of the F-Type, for more character.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, R logo

Pending a possible future SVR, the R of 575 hp covers the F-Type range.

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type R, vents

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type R, mirrors

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, door handle

The retractable door handles are part of the charm of the F-Type.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, rims

The rims are wider at the rear. The choice of wheels is quite wide.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, logo

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type R, lights

The rear lights have been redesigned, with a more angular outline.

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type R, exhaust

Too bad, the F-Type R does not retain the very musical Inconel exhaust of the old SVR from which it takes over the engine.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, interior

The interior style has changed little. It must be said that he had not aged. The main innovations concern infotainment.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, interior

The finish always appears neat.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, instruments.

This 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster is a novelty of the 2020 vintage.

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type R, display

The screen offers a rather correct ergonomics and, it is a novelty, unlimited access to Spotify.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, exhaust valve

This button releases the sound of the exhaust by opening the valves.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, seats

The F-Type offers several types of seats, all of which provide decent comfort.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, trunk

The 300-liter trunk makes it possible to envisage a weekend departure.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, boot handle

This handle for closing the trunk has a certain charm. But we can prefer electric closing.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, V8

The V8 of the R develops 575 hp, which is as much as in the old SVR.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, front

The front panel appears much more aggressive than before.

Challenges – N. Meunier


Jaguar F-Type R 2020, rear

From this angle, few differences are to be noted compared to the previous version. The Sorrento Yellow shade is an option at € 5,400.

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type R, hood

The F-Type is still distinguished by its hood which opens in the opposite direction.

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type Convertible P450, front

The F-Type is still available in coupe and convertible.

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type Convertible P450, rear

The 450hp V8 is more for the ride than a truly sporty drive.

Challenges – N. Meunier


2020 Jaguar F-Type Convertible P450, interior

Inside and outside, the choice of colors is quite wide.

Challenges – N. Meunier

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