In Moselle, Daimler-Mercedes-Benz sells off a site with 1,600 jobs – NPA

On June 14, the press praised the importance of the investments (500 million euros) to switch from the small electric Smart in the fall to the production of an also electric SUV, the production site of Hambach (Moselle) increasing from 60,000 to 140,000 m². July 4th is on sale!

A thousand Mercedes employees and 600 in subcontracting have been working here every day since the inauguration in 1997 by Chirac and Kohl. Public money is flowing in the name of "Franco-German friendship", with the Fund for the industrialization of the coal basin. But the machinery is seized up: four years ago, to "save jobs", after a scandalous two-round vote, we will work 39 paid hours 37. And nothing has been saved!

Ineos, calamitous buyer, is on the spot

Discussions with the potential buyer, Ineos Automotive, appear to be very advanced. Only 500 to 700 jobs are said to be in the plans for the production of a monster SUV. The English boss, adventurer of high carbon capitalism (chemicals, oil, shale gas) is also a player: he owns the OGC Nice football club and a team on the Tour de France! If no "investor" deserves to be left to him to guarantee anything – we can see it with Mercedes – this one less than any other! "France will be the first large carbon-free economy" dares to proclaim the Castex ecotuffe.

For a response equal to the attack

The employees are in shock and feel that the Ineos "solution" is not. But the center of gravity of the intersyndicale is CFTC / CFDT / CGE, which advocate "transparent dialogue". On July 24, a first demo brought together 1,000 people (many of them elected). A "Saturday strike" with mixed success is launched. We are discussing the requisition, the reconversion of the auto sector, the convergence with the companies in struggle. The sell-off as it is being negotiated is only intended to guarantee Mercedes' financial interests: there must be no precondition for mobilizing for the employment of all. The political left tries to coordinate and the NPA takes part in the discussion.

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