Emma Wallaert-Goillandeau, creator of Maison Jeanne, presented her collection of accessories to us in her office, located in Lille (North).
Emma Wallaert-Goillandeau, creator of Maison Jeanne, presented her collection of accessories to us in her office, located in Lille (North). (© Amandine Vachez / Lille news)

It is at Lille (North), from her office where she prepares her parcels,Emma Wallaert Goillandeau, creator of the Maison Jeanne luggage and travel accessories brand, welcomed us.

In addition to telling us the story of the brand, created in Portugal and which has a branch in Lille where Emma is from, the specialist gave us some tips to prepare a stay in all serenity.

Between Lisbon and Lille

The Maison Jeanne brand was born a few years ago in Portugal. While living in Lisbon, Emma thinks of creating “a turnkey suitcase”, with products created locally. She, who travels a lot between Portugal and her hometown, wants to offer a travel kit that is both practical and more responsible.

Knowing the know-how in this area in Lisbon (she worked for years in fashion), Emma finds out about creating a collection as she imagines: “quality bags, made with healthy products and produced locally”. She takes care to ensure that there are no chemicals harmful to health used in the making of the products.

If the branch in Portugal is still active in 2021 (it is managed by Emma’s partner), Maison Jeanne has been putting its boxes in Lille for 3 years. Emma receives stock there, which she sends to French customers. “Since my return to France, I have been making inquiries about making products in the North,” she told us, not without underlining the difficulty of the task. A product has so far been produced in Hauts-de-France: a tote-bag, printed in Roubaix.

Each model has its own story

Each Maison Jeanne bag has a story. The “Lilly”, the brand’s first bag (ideal for a weekend trip), pays tribute to the daughter of Emma’s first collaborator. The “Amandine” model (smaller), to Sandra’s niece, Emma’s partner. The Rafael (sports bag) and the Leo bear the names of Emma’s sons. And the backpack, just released, bears that of David, a technical engineer fan of backpack, who brought his expertise to the realization of the product.

And Jeanne, one wonders of course, who is she? “My two grandmothers were called Jeanne. They were both in the business ”. This choice of name came naturally.

“Each bag, each kit has a story,” says Emma, ​​who speaks with great passion about her job. The swallow, which serves as the emblem of Maison Jeanne, is symbolic: “There are a lot of them in Portugal. It is a sign of protection, of freedom, and of travel, of course ”.

Support for the League against cancer

In addition to offering products that are intended to be non-toxic, the Maison Jeanne brand offers, for a product purchased, a gift to the League against cancer. The customer can choose a personalized present or leave it to the team to take care of it. This solidarity dimension is close to the heart of Emma, ​​touched by the cause.

Mixed products

Maison Jeanne products, initially designed for women, are mixed. “We offer colors that can match all styles,” Emma tells us, showing supporting models (navy blue or khaki bags).

The brand also has a collection of leather goods (card holders and mixed wallets, vegetable leather bags, cases with mantras, etc.) and other hand-selected partner products (cosmetics, essential oils, scented candles, etc.).

What advice?

We took advantage of this meeting to ask Emma what her advice would be on how to best prepare for a trip. “Organization” is the key word, so as not to forget anything. Emma uses her personal experience as an example. “I use travel organizers. In one pocket, I put my clothes, in the other toiletries… ”At home, she always has“ a Lilly bag ready to go ”.

She who also likes to change her handbag regularly has the essentials in a small case. “So I just have to transfer the kit from one bag to another. The pencil case with everything in it is the traveler’s tip! We take note.

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