In Lannion, 402 wooden silhouettes hanging on Nokia railings – France Bleu

They worked all last week to make the 402 wooden silhouettes. 402 as the number of job cuts planned by management. Nokia indeed announced at the end of June 1,833 job cuts in France, including 402 in Lannion, that is to say a little more than half of the Breton workforce. An extraordinary CSE was to take place on the site on Tuesday, but for health reasons, the meeting finally takes place in Paris Saclay. A provocation for the employees of Trégor, who will therefore hang the silhouettes on the gates of the establishment.

On 200 meters of fence

"It is hard to understand why the management cannot move while the elected members of Lannion can go to Paris Saclay", comments Stéphane Duhil, CFDT Nokia Lannion delegate, with bitterness. _ "It's hypocrisy." The employees have an appointment at 10:30 am to proceed with the hanging on 200 meters of fence. "We mean we're not numbers!" _

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