After its subsidiary Honor, Huawei could resell its ranges of premium smartphones to a consortium in order to continue its heritage despite American restrictions. Information that the brand denies however.

huawei mate 40 pro dos 1200x900 - In lack of chips, Huawei could resell its P and Mate ranges - Frandroid

The back of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

While Donald Trump handed over the keys to the Oval Office to Joe Biden, many questions remain unanswered regarding the next four years and many are scrutinizing the future decisions of the new President of the United States, and especially his positions in the United States. with regard to the Chinese government and businesses in the Middle Empire. Leading the way, Huawei of course, could play its future internationally, but the company might not wait for a possible change in the situation.

Huawei could resell its P and Mate

Since the listing of its name on the American Entity List, Huawei has found itself very limited in its commercial actions. Deprived of Google services and ARM architecture for its chips, Huawei even almost lost its screen suppliers, raising fears of a drop in the quality of its future smartphones, even though its latest Mate 40 Pro did not not to be ashamed of the competition on the material level.

After struggling throughout 2020, Huawei may well adopt a new strategy in 2021, by selling its assets most affected by this embargo. This is how the Honor brand recently took off to join a Chinese consortium, allowing it to resume all its commercial contacts.

From now on, it is the ranges of smartphones P and Mate, the most premium ranges of the manufacturer, which would be in the hot seat. According to the prestigious Reuters news agency, which cites two different sources, Huawei is considering the possibility of reselling these two brands since September to a consortium in Shanghai. This decision would be motivated by the lack of chips to animate its phones and compete with Qualcomm and Samsung at this level.

Huawei denies

Contacted by Reuters, a Huawei spokesperson nevertheless denied the information: “Huawei has learned that there are unfounded rumors circulating about the possible sale of our flagship brands of smartphones. These rumors have no value. It is not in Huawei’s intentions“.

Obviously, it would be difficult for Huawei to announce the opposite without risking an economic panic, its P and Mate ranges being significant parts of its turnover when it comes to the production of consumer devices.