After a fall on a bicycle, Zhihui Jun had the idea to develop this prototype bicycle that rolls by itself. If this one won’t get you very far, in any case it has a pretty impressive ability to stand up straight.

Huawei engineer develops autonomous bike

Huawei engineer develops autonomous bike // Source: Zhihui Jun

After Amazon drones, will Deliveroo deliveries with an autonomous bike soon? A Huawei engineer had fun developing an autonomous bike in his spare time. This is really autonomous, in the sense that there is even no need for the presence of a person in his saddle.

The autonomous bike therefore moves on its own. He is able to stand upright even when stationary. The engineer even shows it posed on a barrier to prove its stability. This vehicle, which looks like it came from a science fiction movie, also seems capable of avoiding obstacles, such as cars. A camera and a certain dose of artificial intelligence also allow him to move in corridors by scanning his environment.

A fall from a bicycle gives the idea

Images of the prototype can be seen in a video posted by the engineer himself, Zhihui Jun, on the Chinese video-sharing site Bilibili. He also posted it on YouTube, which helps catch snippets of English translations in the subtitles.

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Zhihui Jun recounts having had the somewhat absurd idea of ​​this bike that pedals alone after a fall from a bike. He then asked his partners at Huawei for a little help, and they were able to assemble the prototype. This takes advantage of many sensors that are both very small, but extremely precise. One of them would even be designed initially for satellites.

Huawei engineer develops autonomous bike

Huawei engineer develops autonomous bike // Source: Zhihui Jun

It also benefits from an automatic control system, a network of perception sensors, as well as a chip that serves as the brain for the entire system and which provides calculations for the entire system. And if you expected a little robot to operate the pedals, you are going to be disappointed. It is a small motor that drives the rear wheel.

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