For French automotive professionals, the most profitable brands are not necessarily the ones we think they are.

We can easily imagine that premium manufacturers earn much more money than generalist brands. When luxury SUVs are sold for more than € 50,000, the operating margin can obviously seem more interesting on paper than on models sold very inexpensively. In this area, Porsche is also known to display remarkable performance.

But if you are a new car dealer, the most prestigious emblems do not necessarily mean better profitability. The National Council of Automobile Professionals (CNPA) has indeed just published its traditional “Manufacturers love rating”, which surveys all car dealers and other distributors in the country. And when you ask these professionals if they are satisfied with the profitability of the cars they market, the answers are very surprising.

Seat in front, Audi behind

Seat is in fact the top of the satisfaction survey, with an average score of 8.16 / 10 from dealers and distributors. The Spanish manufacturer is ahead of Suzuki, Volvo, Toyota, Kia and Dacia (BMW is 7th with 5.95, Mercedes 8th with 5.77). But at the back of the peloton, Audi is in the penultimate place (2.44), ahead of Jeep (2.36) and Alfa Romeo (1.10). In short, Audi dealers are barely more satisfied than Jeep and Alfa Romeo dealers. And they are much less so than those of Mercedes, BMW.