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Everyone in the Maldives knows that this place is especially beautiful because it is also a great place to get married and honeymoon. I firmly believe that its beauty no longer needs words. The Maldives is an island country in the Indian Ocean in East Africa. More than half of the country is a nature reserve because it is an island and the seafood is rich and varied. When you come to the Maldives, how can you miss the delicious food of the Maldives in addition to the beautiful scenery here?

Maldivian specialties

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Australian lobster

As a top food, Australian lobster means that it is characterized by its huge size, tender meat, delicious taste and rich nutritional value. It must not be missed in Australia.


Coffee and cilantro can be called the world's three major beverage green plants. The coffee that is usually eaten is made by using coffee beans together with a variety of different cooking equipment, while coffee green beans refer to the dried fruit inside the coffee tree fruit, and then baked in a moderate way. Taste is bitter.

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Maldives lady

The Maldivian lady is a local, mellow cocktail. The nightclubs on every holiday island often have different secret recipes to demodulate such cocktails. Visiting the Maldives, you should not miss this type of alcohol-free wine.

Maldivian classic dinner

Maldives' meals are usually made up of white rice, tortillas or both, served with soup, curry (fish or vegetarian) and chili sauce. The most typical dish is Garudia, which is made with dried smoked fish and then served with white rice, lime and pepper. There is also a popular dish called Mas Riha, which uses white rice or tortillas mixed with curry fish and spicy food condiments.

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Sweet incense

When you hear the name, you have to have a delicious and touching feeling. This is a drink made from coconut leaf juice. The initial taste of nature is aroma, just like the Maldives feels for everyone. It is a very popular drink in the local area, and it can be seen on the resort's Lai Dan or in a small supermarket on the local street.

Curry chicken

Curry chicken, made from potato, chicken, and curry powder. The tips of curry chicken are dominated by burning, and the taste belongs to the curry flavor of Southeast Asian specialties. Taste: This dish is dominated by the taste of fish, a bit sweet and spicy, and the curry is deep.

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Heidika is a traditional fried snack in the Maldives. It is made with chopped raw egg juice. After the bread is formed, it is cut into pieces or smashed into spheres. It is wrapped in beef and mutton or fish. The crumbs are put into the pan and fried. After the bombing, take a bite with a hot bite, the outside is crisp and tender, and it is delicious. It is definitely a delicious gourmet snack.


The authentic Maldivian local day material is the “Caldia” with a long history. It is a must-have gourmet meal for local Maldives to receive guests and celebrate the feast. “Caldia” is divided into main foods and meals. Part of the main food is composed of fragrant coke, sweet potato or cake. Part of the dish is made up of ground onions, coconut meat and lime juice.

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Tuna sashimi

Salmon is a warm, water-soluble, freshwater fish in the ocean. The key is in low-mid-latitude fishing areas, which are common in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans of China. Salmon meat is low in calories, low in fat, and has high quality protein and other nutrients.

Curry marsala squid

Masala is a blended seasoning in Indonesian cuisine. Fish Masala is a condiment specializing in sea prawn. The fish that you make, the taste is different, is the typical Southeast Asian signature dish.

Maldives speciality restaurant

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Itha Haidi Restaurant

The Ithaa Restaurant at the Conrad Maldives is the world's first underwater glass restaurant. The restaurant is located at the bottom of the Indian Ocean at 5Km. The design is inspired by the aquarium. You can enjoy the beauty of the Indian Ocean without being “wet”. The underwater creatures such as great white sharks and turtles will accompany you for lunch. Very romantic.

The restaurant's dishes are combined with the characteristics of Western restaurants and Asian specialties. The chef attaches great importance to the freshness of food and meals. Therefore, the singles are very dilapidated, and there are caviar, crayfish, foie gras and other big names. Star food. In order to ensure that customers can enjoy a stronger view, the restaurant can accommodate up to 14 people, so be sure to book early.

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Sunset Restaurant

To put it bluntly, because the northeast corner of the whole island faces the western countries, the “The Sunset” restaurant is the most suitable restaurant for sunsets in this resort. It can be used here to enjoy the sunset at 4 or 5 noon. There are beaches in the beach. At the time of dining, the gravel at the foot can touch some catfish reef fragments, and there is a small swimming pool in front of the window.

Tasting local specialties is also a good way to get to know a place quickly. There are so many rich and varied delicacies in the Maldives. Don't miss it when you go to the Maldives for a holiday. You have to try.

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