In 2021, how to obtain 55 days of vacation by asking 26 paid vacations

The Covid-19 epidemic got the better of part of the French vacation this year. Containment, border closures … the employees were hardly able to take advantage of the spring and the May bridges to travel as planned. The 2020 calendar allowed them to obtain up to 60 days of vacation by taking 25 days of paid vacation, especially during the May holidays. The year 2021 will be less favorable from this point of view, and the context much heavier, between social and economic crisis, and a fight against the pandemic which promises to be bitter.

If, however, you remain optimistic, that the desire for weekends (to support the French tourist fabric) or travel itches you or helps you through this difficult period, know that next year will provide you with great opportunities to get away from it all.

In 2021, of the 11 public holidays, four fall on a weekend, four on a Friday or Monday, and three in the middle of the week. By setting up 26 days of paid vacation or RTT on specific dates (see our calendar below), you will be able to enjoy 55 days of vacation next year. A way to revitalize the tourism sector particularly hard hit by the health context.

With this calendar in mind, it is time to anticipate rare or distant trips and book flights and hotels at the best prices. The opportunity also to use the credit issued by your travel agency following a stay canceled since March 2020, due to coronavirus.

New Year's Day and Easter Monday

As New Year's Day (January 1) takes place on a Friday, all you have to do is set a day off on Monday 4 January in order to get a four-day weekend. A way to extend your Christmas holidays and to enjoy the ski slopes a little more, even if you have to keep in mind that the children return to school on Monday 4th.

In April, same tip: take a leave of absence on Friday 1st to take advantage of four spring days until Easter Monday (April 5). Note that most inhabitants of the Grand Est (Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin and Moselle) will be able to take advantage of this four-day weekend without asking for any leave, Good Friday (Friday 2) being a legal public holiday in Alsace. Moselle.

In May, nine days off gives 18 days of vacation

In 2021, the traditional “bridges of mayWill be much less advantageous than in other years. Labor Day (May 1) and Victory of 1945 (May 8) both fall on a Saturday. Nevertheless, Ascension Thursday (May 13) and Pentecost Monday (May 24) allow for a long journey: taking nine days off frees up 18 days of vacation (i.e. from Friday 8 to Monday 24 inclusive) . A good time to visit France or travel around Europe in the pre-season. Good to know: classes will take place on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 May (all zones combined), according to the National Education calendar.

Thanks to the National Day (July 14) which is held on a Wednesday, the month of July will offer the only "double viaduct" of the year. By taking four days off (Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th, Thursday 15th and Friday 16th), we thus obtain a nine-day vacation period (from Saturday 10 July to Sunday 18 July). In August, no "trick" possible: The Assumption (August 15) falls on a Saturday.

In November 2021, the prospect is that of an extended weekend thanks to All Saints' Day (November 1,) which falls on a Monday. The Armistice (November 11) takes place on a Thursday. Putting down your Friday the 12th makes for a four-day weekend. Better: to take 16 days of vacation (from Saturday October 30 to Sunday November 14 inclusive), you have to take eight days off.

In December, no long weekend in sight: Christmas and New Years will take place on a Saturday. We will therefore take advantage of Sunday to cocoon after the end of the year holidays.

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