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Tesla is starting 2020 with a good resolution: installing more and more Superchargers.

The beginning of the year always means making good resolutions. And, for Tesla, it will start with the deployment of new Superchargers – which offer the ability to quickly recover autonomy when you hit the road. The manufacturer has updated its world map, allowing to see where kiosks will soon be installed – including in France.

A small zoom on the map allows you to discover the next cities in which you can easily find a Supercharger. Combination: Angers, Brest, Niort, Angoulême or Orbeval. There will also be terminals in Corsica. The precise date of deployment is not communicated by Tesla.

In 2020 Tesla will multiply its Superchargers near you - In 2020, Tesla will multiply its Superchargers: near you? - Numerama
Map of Superchargers in France (2020) // Source: Tesla

Nearly 16,000 Superchargers worldwide

Today, there are exactly 15,911 Superchargers worldwide, spread across 1,804 stations. In 2020, Tesla plans to invest in new regions, notably in Eastern Europe (Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary), not to mention Turkey and Russia. To gain market share, the American multinational knows that this will also require easily accessible infrastructure. Its network of terminals, exclusive to its vehicles, can be a real argument in the face of competition which must contend with an offer that is still too fragmented.

In an article published on January 1, Electrek highlights a delay by Tesla in the deployment of its network of Superchargers. It would be due to the new V3 technology, which allows ultra-fast charging with a maximum power of 250 kW (it would itself have undergone several postponements). With production accelerating, the installation of new charging stations is expected to be faster in 2020. During the second half of 2019, more than 2,000 new Superchargers took place around the world. We will redo the totals in a year.

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