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Should you still buy a Land Rover Range Rover Sport in 2020?

Yes, the Range Sport is still in the game

You just have to take a look to be convinced: yes, the Range Sport is still dreaming, so it is still worth buying. This imposing SUV born in 2013 and extensively modernized in the fall of 2017, which stretches over 4.88 meters, is also one of the few models in its class to have real crossing capabilities.

An argument that hits the mark with some drivers who, however, will never put a tire in the mud.

But mountain dwellers in search of comfort and luxury will be happy to be able to count on these extraordinary off-road capabilities, well served by pneumatic controlled suspension varying ground clearance (up to 27.8 cm) and by a permanent all-wheel drive equipped with a controlled central clutch.

In 2020 should you still buy a Range Rover Sport - In 2020, should you still buy a Range Rover Sport? - Auto Moto

For well-being on board, the original uncluttered presentation, encircled by two touch screens and a digital panel instead of the counters, contributes to the impression of a warm and charming high-tech cocoon. The dashboard, the space and the care taken in the finish and the choice of materials are invitations to travel.

At the wheel, the feeling of safety is total and handling does not lend itself to criticism. And the equipment can integrate all the best, starting with active maintenance in the lane, laser projectors, four-zone air conditioning, adaptive cruise control with traffic jam function or dedicated screens for the rear seats.

The mechanical range, extremely wide, can seduce almost everyone, especially with the P400e version, a plug-in hybrid that appeared during the restyling and accumulating 404 hp in total. It allows around forty kilometers traveled in electric mode, before starting the four-cylinder petrol engine.

1600110614 431 In 2020 should you still buy a Range Rover Sport - In 2020, should you still buy a Range Rover Sport? - Auto Moto

A new 3.0 micro-hybrid inline 6-cylinder diesel available in 249, 300 and 350 hp, replaces the SDV6 and SDV8. And gasoline engines develop 300, 400, 525 or 575 hp.

No, there are better elsewhere …

The real faults of Range Rover Sport are the qualities of its competitors: in a very high-end segment where Porsche with its Cayenne, Mercedes with the GLE, Audi with the Q7 and BMW with its X5 compete, each has its own big argument. . And comparing all these models highlights the obvious: the advanced age of English is working against it.

Its dynamic performance is a tone below and its air suspension generates some dry jolts on degraded pavement. And for the driver, the very heavy weight of English is felt.

With more than 2.5 tonnes on the scale, the rechargeable hybrid version, despite its 13.1 kWh battery, is satisfied with a lower electric range than that enjoyed by the competition. A detail that is not crippling, but nevertheless difficult to accept when one pays, at a minimum, € 71,200 to afford a Range Sport, which could also be replaced in the course of 2021.

1600110615 495 In 2020 should you still buy a Range Rover Sport - In 2020, should you still buy a Range Rover Sport? - Auto Moto

WE love

  1. Ambiance and luxury
  2. Off-road services
  3. Plug-in hybrid version

We like less

  1. Firm comfort
  2. “ Considerable weight
  3. Sharp competition

Range Rover Sport: the range

Gasoline, from 300 to 575 hp, from € 71,200 to € 154,800
Diesel, 250 to 350 hp, from 74,000 € to 112,400 €
Plug-in hybrid, 404 hp, from € 91,700 to € 112,700

Data sheet (Range Rover Sport)

  • Weight (kg): from 2 151
  • LxWxH (m): 4.88 × 1.98 × 1.80
  • Wheelbase (m): 2.92
  • Tank (l): 86 to 104
  • Chest (l): 489

Range Rover Sport: the rivals

LxWxH (m): 4.92 × 2.00 × 1.77
Chest (l): 490
From 245 to 612 hp, from 68,750 €

LxWxH (m): 4.92 × 2.00 × 1.75
Chest (l): 650
From 231 to 530 hp, from € 66,050

LxWxH (m): 4.92 × 1.98 × 1.70
Chest (l): 770
From 340 to 680 hp, from 78,657 €

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