Carnage in the Faculty of Psychology at UCLouvain. Of the 645 students enrolled in the first year, only five passed everything in the first session. An impressive failure rate, strongly denounced by the main stakeholders.

It was an open letter posted on Facebook that ignited the powder. A 3rd year student bachelor’s year expresses his disappointment. She said to herself “disgusted with this system“and revolted by the annual success rate of her Faculty.

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The behavior of some teachers is also singled out. “Between the averages at 12, 13 and even 14 for some courses since the negative points were removed. Not to mention the one where the teacher does not correct our open questions if we do not have half of the MCQ“, can we read in the letter.

Hecatomb in the first year

This system is also criticized by first-year psychology students. They are only five to have completely passed their year. The 640 others will show up at the September session.

I had 8 exams in 10 days, it was huge. I have the impression that we have been added an even higher threshold of success, even more precise material“, explains a student who has to take five exams again.

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It was a difficult year for everyone. And they are supposed to be psychology teachers, therefore pedagogues and rather benevolent. And there we have the impression that it’s quite the opposite“, she adds. Results: many students are considering changing their course.

A complicated year for students

The situation is unprecedented, according to Vivian Chojnack, president of the Bureau of Psychology Students. She points to two reasons for this massacre. First “the influence of the health crisis, which psychologically impacts the students“Secondly, the lack of resources within the Faculty. We do not have enough resources from UCLouvain to ensure quality education. Especially from the point of view of human resources

Response from UCLouvain

In a press release, UCLouvain recognizes an atypical situation. “During the three previous sessions of the covid period (June 2020, September 2020, January 2021) the overall academic results at the university were each time significantly higher than those of the previous years. For this June 2021 session, the full analysis of the results is not yet available, but on the basis of the first indications, the results at the university appear broadly similar to those of the non-covid periods.

However, the University promises to analyze these results in more depth.