SUVs have been in progress for many years and the Urus is one of the symbols of that. So on their last show, the guys from Top Gear UK wanted to see what it was all about. For that, nothing better than to entrust the wheel to the Stig. The least we can say is that the result will not disappoint them!

In a very select club

The Urus' twin-turbo V8 is capable of developing 641 horsepower, which is very impressive, but one would assume that its SUV build puts it at a disadvantage against other super sports cars. Well not at all, quite the contrary.

By completing the lap of the circuit in 1 min 21 seconds and 7 hundredths, the big racing car signed Lamborghini comes to the table of very prestigious vehicles.

We also find the Mercedes SLS-AMG, but also the Tesla Model 3 Performance or even the Aston Martin DB11 in the club of cars which completed the lap in 1 minute and 21 seconds. By comparison, it is a better time than the Audi R8 V10 but 10 seconds faster than the record holder, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.