To encourage travelers to validate their transport ticket on Saturdays, a free day, the Rouen Normandy Metropolis is launching a “solidarity challenge”. Every week, an association can win 1000 € if the number of validations is reached.

DATA ART 27471193 - If you validate your ticket on Saturday in Rouen, an association could win € 1,000

The Réseau Astuce is setting up a “solidarity challenge” to encourage travelers to validate their transport tickets in order to find out the actual use of the lines on Saturdays, a free day. (Photo archives PN)

Free on one condition. To assess the impact of free public transport on Saturdays, the Rouen Normandy Metropolis needs each traveler to validate their transport ticket. “To do this, travelers can use the free tickets made available to them or validate their usual transport ticket. As no trip count is made, they keep their trip for their next trip on the network. So trips on the network are completely free on Saturdays even if validation is necessary, ”communicates the community.

The Réseau Astuce notes a rate of “fraud” of 60% on Saturdays: one in 6 travelers does not validate their transport ticket “although validation remains compulsory. Indeed, this simple gesture makes it possible to know the frequentation of the lines and to reinforce the offer if necessary ”.

Emmaüs Rouen, the first association to participate

To encourage travelers to validate their transport ticket, the Métropole and the Réseau Astuce are launching “The solidarity challenge: I ride, I validate, also on Saturday”, from Saturday 23 January 2021. The principle: “The Tip Network indicates a minimum number of validations to be reached over a given period by counting only the validations carried out on Saturday. Each week, the number of validations recorded the previous Saturday will be communicated on social networks and the network’s website as well as the number of validations remaining to be carried out to reach the final objective. Travelers will be able to follow the impact of their validations. If the objective is reached thanks to the validations of travelers, Réseau Astuce undertakes to donate the sum of € 1,000 to a partner association. The Emmaüs Rouen association is the first partner of this challenge for the period from January 23 to February 27. Carried out over a period of several months, this operation will support various associations ”, indicates the Metropolis.

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