Rimac has formalized the production version of its Concept Two hypercar. Renamed Nevera, the car will have a sense of excess: power reaching almost 2,000 horsepower, maximum speed of 412 km / h and … bill of 2 million euros.

A little over three years ago, at the Geneva Motor Show, Rimac went to Switzerland with a great ambition: to launch a 100% electric hypercar capable of providing dizzying acceleration. At the time, the concept was called Concept Two. In a press release published on June 1, the Croatian manufacturer materializes its fantasy by formalizing the production car, renamed Nevera (in reference to a Mediterranean storm) and benefiting from better aerodynamic behavior (34% improvement in efficiency).

If the name has changed, the performance still makes you dizzy – so do the specs. With a power that reaches almost 2000 horsepower, the Rimac Nevera will swallow up the 0 to 96 km / h in 1.85 seconds. An acceleration that places it at the level of the Koenigsegg Gemera, a hybrid that takes 1.9 seconds to go to 100 km / h or even the Pininfarina Battista (less than 2 seconds during the exercise). In the electric segment, only Tesla’s Roadster could do better, but it will need the SpaceX pack of mini rockets.

Rimac Nevera // Source: Rimac

2 million euros for this disproportionate Rimac

This car was born to outperform and raise the bar even higher, redefining the standards for performance-driven cars. », Proclaims Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of the manufacturer. To achieve such benefits which kill all reason, the Nevera is equipped with four independent engines based on an atypical architecture (two speeds for the blocks at the rear, one for those at the front).

This design ensures both start-up and long-term performance. The engines are powered by two batteries with a capacity of 120 kWh, integrated into a monocoque carbon fiber structure. They are cooled by a liquid system and would offer a range of 550 kilometers – a feat in view of the ultra sporty accent. Rimac has ensured that the balance is almost perfect, with a 48/52 weight distribution between the front and the rear.

Among the other performances, we note :

  • Maximum speed of 412 km / h;
  • 0 to 161 km / h in 4.3 seconds;
  • 0-300 km / h in 9.3 seconds;
  • 400 meters swallowed in 8.6 seconds (the best cars designed for drag racing do it in less than 5 seconds according to the FIA).
Rimac Nevera // Source: Rimac

So that future owners – those willing to sign a check for 2 million euros to afford one of the 150 copies – can tame the car, Rimac has developed a coach animated by artificial intelligence. Thanks to an advanced device (12 ultrasonic sensors, 13 cameras, 6 radars), he can assess performance and provide advice on how to improve when driving the Rimac on a track – his best field of expression.

The Nevera will rely on several driving modes:

  • Drift (more torque at the rear),
  • Comfort (balanced mode),
  • Range (more autonomy),
  • Track (maximum power)
  • and two Custom modes (to be personalized).
Rimac Nevera // Source: Rimac

Of course, you can customize your Nevera at will, knowing that several variants will be available. Each future buyer will have to go to Croatia to configure their car as they wish. It is hoped that the first class plane ticket is provided, at this price.

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