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What if Apple released a foldable iPhone? At the beginning of February, we informed you of a patent filing in the matter from the Cupertino company which demonstrated all the attention that Apple paid to the unfolding and unfolding smartphone. That some people now call smartphones “folding” and not “folding” (they are not really wrong, literally speaking). But let's go back to our iPhone sheep and its possible extension. While Samsung and Huawei, the two leaders in the telephony market, have released new versions of smartphones that are folding in recent days (the Flip for Samsung, the Mate Xs for Huawei) and whose price exceeds 1500 euros, all the world is wondering when Apple will respond. It will certainly not be in 2020 but 2021 seems a credible option. And since everything goes very fast in high-tech, we already know what it might look like. On Instagram, the creative Iskander Utebayev unveiled a foldable iPhone concept which he calls “iPhone 12 Flip”. And frankly, it really looks bad, less than the sports car that is behind (which we have trouble identifying at GQ: McLaren GT, Bugatti? If you have reliable information, we take). And his already knows two things: this foldable iPhone would be very expensive (surely more than 2000 euros) and would make a very big hit on the market. Who does not see himself draw this foldable smartphone (or folding if you insist)?

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