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I really like the Infiniti Q50, and would like to get a used one. That said, the vast majority of the essays I read on the web do not recommend it, saying it is far worse than its competition.

I've had a German car before and it's over for me. Plus, I don't want American cars, and I don't like Lexus cars. What's wrong with the Q50? Is she that bad?

Hello Yvon,

Sure enough, the Infiniti Q50 didn't come easy with critics. His main problem is basically the others.

If you put the Q50 in an empty room, and forget about the world outside, it is indeed a beautiful, powerful car, quite affordable. But when you compare it with what is done by German brands, we are not quite there. German products simply have better handling, better steering, and a much better interior presentation. In fact, we recently published a text that talks in detail about the Q50. We invite you to read it!

After reading this text, if you are still interested in the Q50, know that it's not a bad buy, as long as you'll have a good car on hand, just not the best. To find a used Infiniti Q50, it's this way.

Otherwise, why not try a Genesis G70? The first used models are starting to become available, and honestly, the G70, as affordable as the Q50, is a much better alternative to German products, especially on the dynamic and luxury side!

Good luck with your procedures.

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