There are those who believe in a perfect match for each person and there are those who do not; This test aims to tell what type of person is ideal for each one

Although throughout our lives we go through different stages and, in most cases, love is present. But it is not until our adulthood that we begin to think about the “need” to look for that person with whom to spend the rest of our lives, with whom to share everything, both the good and the bad, “until death we separate “.

Thus we venture into the world of love, where we collect both pleasant and painful experiences and, it is on that path where we begin to see the other in a more analytical way, as if trying to decipher if they are the right person for us or not.

One of the big questions that prevails is how to recognize that perfect person. It turns out that there are some personality traits that can give us some clues. In this test we suggest that you look at the painting below and answer what was the first element that caught your attention? Then see the results below.

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Identify what you saw first

What did you see first?

1. Lovers in heaven

If this is the first thing you saw, your complement is most likely an older person. You need someone who knows how to love in a mature way, because you have already experienced youthful and unstable flirtations and you are no longer interested.

2. Lovers in the waves

You feel compatible with everyone, without age preferences or previous experience. You are an open person who has ease of communication and love is waiting for you around every corner.

3. Lovers on the beach

Although beach lovers are not very defined at first, your perfect situation in love is exactly the opposite. The best thing for you is to find someone very similar to share your life. It is better that you have the same interests, the same views on the most important issues.

4. Two dolphins

Your subconscious is telling you that you need someone with imagination, freedom, and passion to inspire your love. These qualities can often be found in younger people, although it is not a definitive norm.