Hybrid car: 3 million Toyota already in circulation in Europe – Breezcar

Hybrid car 3 million Toyota already in circulation in Europe - Hybrid car: 3 million Toyota already in circulation in Europe - Breezcar

In less than a year, the Toyota Lexus Group has put an additional 1 million hybrid vehicles into circulation in Europe

THE NUMBER OF THE DAY – Less than a year after celebrating the launch of its two millionth hybrid model in Europe, the Toyota Lexus group announces that it has marketed one million gasoline-electric vehicles on the continent. Sales growth which places the manufacturer in a comfortable position in terms of compliance with CO2 emissions standards.

In September 2019, the Toyota Lexus group celebrated the delivery of the two millionth hybrid vehicle to the Old Continent. Two years later, the world leader in gasoline-electric dual powertrains has just reached the threshold of 3 million vehicles powered by Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) technology since 2000 and the introduction on the continent of the compact Prius.

Traffic restrictions and taxation

A new step for the two brands which, in France, have a complete range of 19 low-emission models and see their sales boosted by the implementation of traffic restrictions in large metropolises – like the Zones à Low Emissions (ZFE) in France – against diesel engines as well as the tightening of carbon taxation.

If the two millionth hybrid vehicle was a Yaris delivered to a Polish customer, the three millionth is a 180 hp Corolla GR Sport whose keys have been handed over to Nicolás Jiménez, a Spanish customer. And the latter to confide: “Today, with the restrictions to access in many cities, a hybrid is essential. I have not considered any other option because Low Emission Zones (ZFEs) will be implemented not only in cities like Madrid or Barcelona but also in many others. "

15 million Toyota Lexus hybrids

In the spring, the second largest automotive group on the planet – behind Germany's Volkswagen – announced that it had sold more than 15 million hybrid cars worldwide since 1997 and that the first generation of Prius had been marketed in Japan. A technology that is now spreading very quickly to customers since it took Toyota Lexus 16 years to sell its first 5 million hybrids (in 2013), then 4 more years to reach 10 million (2017) and finally 3 years only to reach 15 million.

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Editorial opinion

A pioneer in the low CO2 emission vehicle market, the Toyota group is benefiting in Europe from customer disenchantment with diesel and traffic restrictions. With a hybrid range which is about to be further extended – notably with the Yaris 4 and the arrival in 2021 of its Cross version – the firm with the three ellipses can boast of being one of the few to reach the target of 95 g of CO2 / km set by the European Commission for 2020-2021.

In terms of electrification, the Nagoya firm is closely interested in plug-in hybrids, hydrogen, but also 100% electric. This is evidenced by the Toyota RAV Plug-in Hybrid and Lexus UX 300e electric, which will be launched this fall, but also the launch of the second generation of the Toyota Mirai (fuel cell) scheduled for the end of 2020. The highly anticipated version will follow in 2021 " zero emissions ”from the bestselling Toyota C-HR.

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