There are all kinds of test in the networks and are very popular since, based on psychology, they reveal a lot about the personality with a simple choice.

In this case, the hugs challenge let you know what is most important to you, when it comes to feelings.

You are going to see a series of options and you have to try to be as honest as possible with your answer, guide yourself by the image that most identifies you to have a more successful result.

Viral test responses

1. Friendship

If you chose the first hug, it is because what you value most in a relationship is friendship. That is, for you, the person who is going to spend the rest of your life with you has to be someone who shares good times, who makes you laugh, who you can tell everything to, like your best friend.

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You are not interested in having a relationship in which things are hidden, or in which you have to pretend to be someone you are not. For you, being able to be authentic next to your loved one is the most important of all.

2. Passion

For you, what cannot be lacking in your relationship is passion. You seek to have at your side a person who awakens the fire of your desires and who can satisfy them.

You believe a lot in the chemistry that exists between people: there is or there is not. If that chemistry exists, then you know that you can go with the chosen person until the end of the world. Because you are so passionate, when you love someone you are able to give everything and expect to receive the same in return.

3. Security

If you chose the third hug, it is because the most important thing in a relationship for you is security. You want to be next to a person who knows what he wants and who has confidence in himself and in you.

You always fall in love with strong people, spiritually speaking. You look for them to accompany you in your endeavors and to give you encouragement when you feel that things are not going to go well.

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Maybe you are a little insecure person or, at least, someone who has a hard time taking the initiative. So, you look for your complement in the other: someone to help you give your best. That you have things clear, that you be someone proactive and that, above all, trust in your potential.

4. Trust

If you chose the fourth hug, it is because for you the most important thing in a relationship is trust. You expect to have a person with whom you can be completely free and, at the same time, in whom you fully confess.

You don’t like being in relationships where you live thinking if the other person is being honest with you. You hate the role of private detective in the relationship. What you like the most is having a free partner, a relationship in which everyone has their space, and finding the common points that unite them.

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But for that, first, you have to trust the other person, that they will never do (at least on purpose) something that hurts you. Therefore, trust is the first thing you look for when it comes to falling in love.