Huawei has just announced this Tuesday, January 26, 2021 the opening of a new production plant in 2023 in Alsace. This is the first time that the manufacturer has opened a production site outside of China. Ultimately, this factory intends to create 500 jobs with the objective of one billion euros in production value per year.

huawei installation usine france - Huawei will open its first French factory in Alsace in 2023 - phone number
Credit: Huawei France

Huawei has officially announced the opening of its first French production plant in Alsace. The site’s inauguration is scheduled for 2023. Named Huawei European Wireless Factory, this factory will mainly manufacture equipment that makes up wireless base stations intended for to the firm’s European clients.

As a reminder, base stations make it possible in mobile telephony to ensure the connection between mobile phones and the telephone network and the Internet, in this case 4G and 5G. The construction of this production site is symbolic for the manufacturer, since it is about the first Huawei factory installed outside of China. “This decision demonstrates our attachment to France, where we have been present since 2003, and our willingness to engage in the long term ”, said Huawei vice-president Catherine Chen in a press release.

This factory will be located within the Brumath Business Park, in the Grand Est region of Alsace. Work should begin this year, for an opening set in 2023. “We want to become an undisputed European leader in the industry of the future in a context of profound digital transformation. The establishment of Huawei brings strong visibility to our territory and confirms our ambition ”, assures Claude Sturni, president of the Grand Est region.

A green factory at 200 million euros

The construction of this factory, the cost of which amounts to 200 million euros, will be entrusted to French companies. Once the site is officially open, Huawei promises to create 300 direct jobs, and 500 eventually. The Shenzhen firm claims to want to dig “local talents ” in many areas “especially in engineering, production and quality control, but also to support administration, purchasing, financial services, IT services, human resources and field operations ”.

Finally, Huawei said it wanted to build a environmentally friendly factory and plans, for example, to use eco-responsible construction materials and processes. In addition, the company is committed to limiting the use of non-recyclable resources and non-degradable and reduce waste emissions. The energy impact of the Alsatian factory will be “drastically” reduced, according to the manufacturer. Although this factory creates jobs, the French government recalled that this project will not soften France’s position concerning the restrictions imposed on Huawei in the deployment of 5G in France.

Source: Huawei