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Huawei president Richard Yu affirms that the first smartphone under HarmonyOS will be launched in 2021. The new operating system should, by the way, be at the heart of the manufacturer's developer conference on September 10, 2020. Other devices under HarmonyOS should also be hit the market.

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The MyFixGuide blog reports that Richard Yu, one of Huawei's chairmen, says HarmonyOS operating system will be at the heart of the event 2020 HDC Developers Conference to be held on September 10 – and the first smartphone under the firm's operating system will be launched in 2021. In addition, a new version of the system, which has so far only been found on smart TVs, will be unveiled.

Huawei gives itself the means to bypass US sanctions

The new version of the system, called HarmonyOS 2.0, could, in addition to smartphones and televisions, be installed on PCs, connected watches and bracelets, and infotainment in cars. According to Richard Yu, Huawei smartwatches to be unveiled by the end of the year will run on HarmonyOS. However, you still have to be a little patient with smartphones.

According to the blog, in fact, Huawei still has to respect the agreements made with Google despite US sanctions – agreements that will no longer apply as of 2021: "The phone under HarmonyOS was ready for a long time, but due to an agreement with Google, it took wait" , can we read on the blog, which adds that "Starting next year, HarmonyOS can be used in smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches, PCs, cars and other products."

Hit by heavy sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, Huawei is trying at all costs to find alternatives to the American technologies on which its growth until then depended. The firm is in fact deprived of an Android license which allowed it to preinstall the essential Google applications on its smartphones – in particular the Play Store and applications like Google Maps. Huawei has since focused on developing a suite of competing applications, including AppGallery, an alternative to the Play Store.

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However, they are struggling for the moment to compete with their model, especially internationally. To make matters worse, it has become very complicated for Huawei to develop ever more efficient Kirin chips. From September 15, 2020, the founder TSMC, leader of the sector which manufactures chips for Apple, AMD or even Nvidia, will no longer be able to deliver anything to Huawei. It is likely that most competing founders will also comply with US sanctions so as not to lose access to much-needed US-made equipment.

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