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If Huawei is the subject of an embargo that does not speak its name in France, especially with regard to its presence in the 5G networks of French operators, the Chinese manufacturer is still eyeing the French market. To find a place there, the Shenzhen firm does not hesitate to draw its wallet by increasing the number of announcements.

After having recently announced the imminent opening in France of its first factory located outside China, Huawei has just made new announcements to return to the good graces of the French authorities. During an event held last Thursday for its network of 300 French suppliers, the president of Huawei France, Weiliang Shi, announced that the “blue white red” branch of the Chinese giant had bought for 840 million euros from of its partners during the 2020 financial year alone.

A hell of a sum, which should still be inflated over the next few years. The management of Huawei France has indeed indicated that it wants to order more than 4.2 billion euros from French suppliers over the next four to five years. And to recall having already injected no less than 3.2 billion euros into the French economy over the past five years.

A coat of arms to restore

“Since the founding of its French subsidiary in 2003, Huawei has contributed to the development of local ecosystems by working hand in hand with French companies. Today, 300 French suppliers are supporting Huawei’s activities in France and abroad, ”said the president of Huawei France, at the end of the event organized by the Chinese giant last week.

It remains to be seen what the windfall that the Shenzhen firm wishes to inject into the French economy will be devoted to. As a reminder, it is in Brumath, in the Grand Est, that Huawei will install its first factory located outside the Chinese borders. The site, which will represent a minimum investment of 200 million euros, will initially employ 300 people, a workforce that will rise to 500 “in the long term”. It will produce network equipment for the European market, and will represent up to one billion euros of production value per year.

These investments will not be too much for Huawei, whose image in France is today tarnished, after more than two years of intense trade war with the American authorities. But also after the supposed involvement of the Shenzhen firm in the mass surveillance system of the Uyghur minority, set up by Beijing in Xinjiang. Present in France for 17 years, Huawei nevertheless employs nearly 1,000 employees.

In addition to its Alsatian factory, the Shenzhen firm recently announced several investments in France, including the opening of a research center in Paris last October and in Grenoble in 2018, as part of a campaign to demonstrate its willingness to establish a lasting presence in the French market.

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