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Just a few weeks ago, the UK was unsure of Huawei's fate regarding the use of its equipment for 5G. Today, as indicated CNBC, things seem to be getting better between the country and the Chinese company since the latter obtained the green light to build a research and development center for chips in the country.

Huawei to invest £ 1 billion in first phase of project

Huawei may soon have a new research and development center, located directly in the United Kingdom. Indeed, the Chinese manufacturer's project has been validated by the South Cambridgeshire district council.

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For the first phase of the development of its chip research and development center, Huawei plans to invest £ 1 billion. In total, its center will be 50,000 square feet, or 4,645 square meters. Located not far from Cambridge city center, the center of Huawi could accommodate 300 to 400 employees daily. At the end of its construction, the english center could become the international seat of optoelectronics activity of the company.

Huawei's choice regarding the location of its research and development center is not trivial, because the city of Cambridge is nicknamed the " Silicon Fen " and brings together a large number of cutting-edge companies in various fields, such as software, knowledge, electronics and biotechnology.

Establishment validated despite numerous security concerns for the company

Last March, the British defense committee opened an investigation into Huawei and its 5G equipment. The country was under pressure from the United States, which was struggling to make it abandon the equipment of the Chinese manufacturer. This was after the UK decided to give Huawei a limited role in the deployment of the 5G network.

Things seem to have turned out rather well since then the British government asked the telecom operators to stock up on the brand's 5G equipment. The validation of the establishment of the research and development center is also a new sign that things seem to be arranged. Huawei vice president Victor Zhang said, " The UK is home to a dynamic and open market, as well as some of the best talent in the world. It’s the perfect place for this integrated innovation campus " This confirms that the Chinese manufacturer intends to strengthen its activity in the United Kingdom.

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