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Huawei could again trade with some American firms. The United States has once again committed to licensing a handful of US-based companies. Nevertheless, the Chinese group is still blacklisted until further notice.

huawei etats unis lever sanctions - Huawei: the United States pledges to quickly lift some of the sanctions - Phonandroid

In early October, Donald Trump pledged to lift some of the sanctions against Huawei at his administration's thirteenth meeting with Chinese negotiators in Washington. According to several media, the president would have signed several licenses allowing a limited list of US companies to work with Huawei. A month later, no sales license has ever been granted to a US company want to work with the Chinese group.

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The United States will allow some American firms to collaborate with Huawei

In an interview with our colleagues in Bloomberg, Wilbur Ross, the government's Secretary of Commerce, assured that licenses "Will be available soon". Unfortunately, the man did not specify which firms will benefit from exemptions from the measures of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) promulgated last May. For now, it is unclear whether Google will benefit from a waiver so that Huawei recovers its Android license.

"We have received a lot of requests, it's frankly more than we would have thought" says Wilbur Ross at Bloomberg. The leader explains having received up 260 license applicationss coming from companies based in the United States. Last August, the Trump government had only received 130 requests from US firms. Despite the detente announced by Donald Trump at the G20, all requests were denied.

"Remember also that there is a presumption of refusal for blacklisted firms » Wilbur Ross tempers. "The safest thing for these companies would be to assume that we will refuse their request, even though we will obviously approve more than one." explains the Secretary of Commerce. In short, most US companies will still be unable to collaborate with Huawei.

Huawei is not afraid of US sanctions

Huawei quickly reacted to Wilbur Ross's remarks. At a press conference in Bangkok, Edward Zhou, vice president of Huawei, reaffirmed the financial health of the group. "We anticipate that this year, we will be able to maintain almost the same growth as last year, despite great pressure from the US government" tackle Edward Zhou. Despite Trump's government measures, Huawei hopes to sell up to 270 million smartphones worldwide this year. The firm is expected to explode sales records in recent years and narrow the gap with Samsung, the world's number one.

Source: Bloomberg

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